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The Complete Anchoring Handbook : Stay Put on Any Bottom in Any Weather

The Complete Anchoring Handbook : Stay Put on Any Bottom in Any Weather
The Complete Anchoring Handbook : Stay Put on Any Bottom in Any Weather
Titulo: The Complete Anchoring Handbook : Stay Put on Any Bottom in Any Weather
Autor: Poiraud, Alain
ISBN: 9780071475082
Editorial: McGraw-Hill Digital
Nº de páginas: 0
Año de edición: 2011
Idioma: Inglés
Formato valido: EPUB + ADOBE DRM
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A modern, authoritative anchoring guide for sailors and powerboaters

A boat swinging safely at anchor can mark the relaxing conclusion to a great day of boating or the successful completion of an essential emergency measure, while failure to anchor properly can be frustrating, inconvenient, or downright dangerous. The Complete Anchoring Handbook is your path to mastering this indispensable seamanship skill.

Based on original engineering analysis--and with contributions from such international anchoring experts as Alain Fraysse and Chuck Hawley--The Complete Anchoring Handbook emphasizes the proven best gear and methods for anchoring safely in any situation with any boat, sail or power. Here’s everything you need to know, from the basics to the most advanced techniques. Poiraud and company describe:

  • The physical forces acting on a boat, its ground tackle, and the sea bottom
  • Why the new generation of roll-stable anchors (including the Spade, Rocna, Manson Supreme, and others) is proving superior to traditional favorites
  • How to select and size anchors and ground-tackle components
  • How to connect those components without introducing weak points in your ground-tackle system
" "

Foreword by Jimmy Cornell

Introduction by Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt

Chapter 1: Seabed Characteristics

Types of Seafloors

Chapter 2: The Forces on an Anchor

Wind Forces

Wave Forces

Current Forces

Chapter 3: Anchor Selection

Anchor Anatomy

Traditional Anchor Choices

Roll-Stable New Generation Anchors

What to Look for in an Anchor

How Anchors Set

How an Anchor Holds

Selecting Your Anchor

Chapter 4: Anchor Rode

The Best Anchor Rode Is a Combination of Chain and Nylon

What Kind of Chain?

What Kind of Line?

Sizing the Chain and Rope

Determining Your Primary and Secondary Rode Lengths

Anchor Rode Connections

Anchor Rode Interval Marking

Anchor Gear Maintenance

A Practical Summary for Selecting Ground Tackle

Chapter 5: Deck Equipment and Layout

Bow Rollers

Bow Platforms and Bowsprits

Securing an Anchor and Ground Tackle on Deck

Anchor Rode Stowage


Sizing Your Windlass

Windlass Installation

Windlass Maintenance

Chapter 6: Anchoring Techniques

Selecting an Anchorage

Communication Between Helm and Foredeck

Anchoring Under Power

Anchoring Under Sail

Anchoring Multihulls

Anchoring Tenders and Small Craft

The Importance of Scope

Making Sure the Anchor Holds

Anchoring Etiquette and Customs

Anchor Retrieval

Chapter 7: Advanced Anchoring Techniques

Anchoring with a Stern Anchor (Med Mooring)

Lateral Anchors

Anchoring with Two Anchors

Special Anchoring Techniques

When Things Go Wrong

Heavy-Weather Anchoring

Chapter 8: Moorings

Mooring Blocks

Other Types of Permanent Anchors or Moorings

Appendix 1: A Theoretical Study in Rode Behavior by Alain Fraysse

Appendix 2: Unconventional Rode Solutions

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